This project targets young people from the age of 14 – 24 yrs who are in schools, colleges and out of schools. V4Y trains young people Life Skills, Sexual and Reproductive Health Education since 2012. Research in several parts of the world has shown that this kind of education does not encourage sexual activity. Accurate information helps teenagers to delay sexual activity, avoiding risky behavior and make healthy choices for themselves. Young people are most at risk of unwanted pregnancy, lack of moral guidance, sexually transmitted infections, sexual abuse, and HIV/AIDS. They need honest and accurate information to help them make informed and healthy choices for their lives.

The ultimate goal is to develop and sustain positive behavior amongst young people through their active involvement in the teaching/training and learning process.
This project teaches young people about STDs and HIV/AIDS and how to build better relationships; the program also teaches skills that help to resist peer pressure, enhance decision making, set goals, Career development, living health & wellness and assess their values and behavior.

In the secondary schools, we have established V4Y Clubs. Once a week, one of our schools/colleges is visited by our facilitators. Training methods used are youth centered, interactions / participatory and also V4Y emphasize experiential learning.


Bright Energy Africa (BEA) aims to bring sustainably and cost efficient fuel solutions to Tanzania. We hope to provide income¬ generating opportunities to improve living standards and reduce environmental damage to rural and urban communities. BEA specializes in converting agricultural waste into high ¬density fuel briquettes. BEA strives to become a leader in the briquette production industry in Tanzania. This social venture attempts to raise living standards of Tanzania by providing income¬ generating opportunities to rural communities, underrepresented demographics, and existing retailers. The venture currently offers training and latterly planning to offer kiln leasing and briquette technology for farmers as well as marketing support for retailers.
BEA aspires to empower passionate Tanzanians with entrepreneurial skills and spirit. We hope to create a nation of well qualified, healthy and passionate individuals capable of addressing Tanzania’s most pressing social, economic and environmental issues.
At the moment, we have temporary machines to produce the briquettes (soon we will build a factory with machines for large-scale production). As part of the V4Y Ambassadors Program, we are doing small production once per week on the V4Y compound. It creates a small income for our organization and we can use the earned money to develop the project further.

Our Hope is with your help and support; One day, we will build a briquettes factory as a social enterprise.

Partners: currently we have partnered with Embark Energy, Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering College (DHE) and John Hopkins University (JHU).

BEA is currently developing its pilot production plant in Arusha, Tanzania. Furthermore, it aims to scale up its production capabilities and maximize its social and economic impact. BEA believes in collaborating with existing organizations which share the same fundamental mission: improving the quality of life of Africans. Broad civilian partnership is the perfect opportunity for BEA to raise awareness and find potential collaborators and investors.


Women SHIELD the Nation project title stems from the most important tasks that are prescribed to women in religious and legal documents which must be valued. It stands for women acting as a SHIELD for the community and the nation at large in such a way that women SAVE the nation from hunger, conflicts, ignorance, diseases and they nurture tomorrow’s nation. Women HEAL and make the nation healthy. Women are no longer inferior; actually, they significantly INFLUENCE the nation. Women EDUCATE the nation and indeed they have a right to. Women are good leaders and they should LEAD. Women should DECIDE and they should be involved in decision-making process.
To change the violent environment upon which women find themselves is a process; behavioral change happens with time through sensitization and awareness creation, increased positive social interactions; and involvement of all stakeholders all over the zone.


Horticulture for Youth this is our emerging project whereby the organization will engage young people in sustainable agricultural activities.
It will be implemented in Arusha and Manyara Regions – cultivating and trading of vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, cabbages, onions and eggplants.


The Innovative Mobile Library in Arusha is an initiative designed to promote knowledge and literature. The proposal focuses on the efficacy of providing opportunities for remote village schools to have ICT knowledge with up-to-date resources and staff trained to integrate library resources into the day-to-day curriculum. Providing this service will increase value education, literacy, and reading, as well as, national examination scores.