Environmental Conversation Awareness

The vision for Youth understands that we have to save the environment in order for the environment to save us. The youth has a tremendous role to play in achieving this.
Children, Youths, Women and the Disabled Rights Activism
We believe in equity and equality in education, decision making and in respect for human rights.

Education and Sports

We believe in education for all irrespective of one’s race, age, religion, health, sex, ability or background. Sports are important for one’s physical, mental and entire health development.

Training and Consultancy

The vision for Youth has a Training Department that assists non-profit organizations to improve performances and maximizes the impact of partnerships and networks. We focus on sustainable results in projects and programs. We provide quality professional training and consultancy services in order to enhance careers and foster workforce development. Our training and consultancy services aim to improve performance and output in people and organization.

Anti-HIV/AIDS and Drugs Abuse Campaigns

We strongly fight STDs and drug abuse through increasing awareness and increasing knowledge about preventive measures against such bad social vices.

Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship

We equip young people with innovative entrepreneurship skills that encourage the youth to save and invest, create youths associations and groups and administer them successfully.

Youth in Agriculture Programs

It’s the roles of the youth to feed the nation. We engage the youth in agricultural activities such vegetable cultivation and other crops, poultry and the marketing of agricultural produce among other. This helps to reduce youth unemployment.

Civic and Behaviour Change Program

We instill morals and values in the youth through life skills education that seeks behavioral change. The youth must respect the rule of law and ensure that human rights violations in their communities are not tolerated.

Youth Self-Awareness Campaigns

This program aims at raising awareness and increasing knowledge about the roles of the youth in development.

Business Innovators Competition

A Business Case Competition leads students to develop their leadership skills and team spirit as well as their analytical capacities on a business matter/project idea and put them in the reality of workplace since the presented solution will have to be financially sustainable, profitable and innovative.